All Things Epic – Tyler Clutts

By: Tyler Clutts
May 29, 2017

Recently, a friend of mine and I started a digital radio show called All Things Epic. Each week we are highlighting the epic things that people are doing within our community, whether it’s community service, military service, or civil service. Similar to the purpose we had for our television show last year, we are talking about the things people around us are doing that the mass media doesn’t want to cover. The intent of this program is to highlight those who are serving and to do it from an encouraging angle. Instead of pointing out all the wrong things that are going on in our society, we want to shed light on the good that’s happening.


We’re having a lot of fun with the show. Only a few episodes in, we’ve been able to feature programs such as the America’s Defender’s Foundation, which supports injured and fallen veterans and law enforcement personnel. There are many organizations that help support and fund a fallen veteran’s funeral but once the ceremony is done, the wives and children are left with nothing. This foundation makes sure that those who may have been forgotten are no longer abandoned. We also got to talk to Frisco Family Services who serve underprivileged kids and senior citizens by providing lunch programs, a food pantry, and fund-raising programs to cover their needs. These are just some of the amazing things that are happening around us that people often don’t know about.


We try to keep the show light and upbeat. This is not a faith-based show, but it’s cool to see the common theme behind these stories revealed as we talk about the great things that people are doing. As these people speak about why they are serving others, there’s an underlying theme of representing Christ and His sacrificial service for us. Many of the people involved in these foundations have a solid faith in the greatest Servant.


The fact that we are not a Christian-based program has opened a lot of doors for us to have a wider reach. Listeners are not tuning in to our show to hear a sermon or get caught up on their Scripture, but as we highlight the great things that people are doing, we are able to give credit to the One who is responsible for these blessings. Because we have a lot of people tuning in who may have never gone to church before or do not have a relationship with Christ, we are reaching a lot of people we may not otherwise be able to reach. Without directly preaching God’s Word, we are able to highlight the testimonies of those who serve just like Christ did.


People are naturally drawn to those who are doing “all things epic” and what they find is that they are then pointed toward Christ.


Being a part of this show has continually reminded me that I can always do more. It’s easy to make excuses about our priorities or schedule, but we need to change our perspective to be like Christ’s. God has blessed so many of us with so much and yet we still find things to complain about. Instead of griping about what we don’t have or can’t do, we can focus on what God has put in front of us to bless others with.


“Be sure to fear the Lord and serve Him faithfully with all your heart; consider the great things He has done for you.” —1 Samuel 12:24


—Tyler Clutts


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