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By: Tyler Clutts
October 11, 2016

Recently Tiffany and I released our first episode of “Inside the Huddle,” where we give viewers an inside look at the lives of Dallas Cowboys’ athletes and wives. Our goal is to let fans get to know a side of the players that they otherwise wouldn’t be able to see. That way, when they see these athletes during Sunday’s game, they can feel more connected with them and root for them even more.


In our first episode we were able to interview Cowboys free safety Byron Jones. It was really fun for me to give my former teammate a chance to take viewers on a journey of how he came to the NFL. He also shared about his life outside of football, giving us a glimpse of what he’s like around his family and friends.


I’m looking forward to sharing the same opportunity with defensive tackle Tyrone Crawford and his wife Kelsey. Having been in a men’s Bible study with Tyrone for the past two years, I know his heart and his passion to honor God through this platform. I’m excited to let others see this side of him as well.


Every athlete has a unique journey. It’s fun getting to know who each of these players truly is. I’ve been in the NFL for six years and I’ve never met two people the same. No one has had an easy route; Each player endures lots of pressure, expectations, and struggles, but they also experience a lot of joy and passion. It’s fun to dig into the uniqueness of a professional athlete.


Getting to know these players and giving them the chance to share their true heart is such a honor for me. There’s no shortage of critics surrounding everything in pro football, but this is a way for us to drive some positivity into the sport. It’s a unique opportunity to put a different kind of media spin on athletes. Most media sources are out to drive sales of advertising; we simply want to be a light in a dark world. God allows athletes to play and enjoy the game of football. He also allows others to watch and enjoy this game. This is what football should be.


—Tyler Clutts


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